Anne Jones

MAJOR: Neurobiology & Behavior
JOB: Director of Medical Services, Cornell Health

Anne is a primary care and public health physician who has kept music in her life since her time in the Chorus. She returned to Ithaca to join the healthcare team at Cornell Health 10 years after graduation with her husband and daughter, and enjoys supporting the Chorus' musical and leadership endeavors on campus and in the community. As President of the Chorus in her senior year at Cornell, she got her start in leadership and draws on her experience in that role to this day. Similarly, she has continued to utilize the lessons of music-making to stay present in the moment, whether it be during the practice of medicine, leadership or parenthood. Anne met her closest friends in life in the Chorus, where music and service grew deep bonds of fellowship and musicianship. She is committed to helping the women of today's Chorus continue this legacy of presence, power, service, and transcendence through music.