About The Drive

Since 1920, the Cornell Chorus has been bringing music to the Cornell community. Over the years we’ve developed into an organization able to tour, commission new pieces, and put on annual concerts, but we still have a long way to go towards making all of our dreams for the Chorus a reality.

The Elizabeth A. Gale Endowment Fund for Women's Chorus began in 1995. The Endowment Account produces an annual payout based on the university's interest rate. The more we have in our endowment, the more income from the payout we have to work with each year. By increasing our endowment, this payout would cover most of our operating expenses, including our commissioning costs, concert expenses, and tour. With those covered, we could use gifts to the Chorus to work towards larger goals, projects, and musical endeavors. 

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By the end of our drive in the 2020-2021 academic year, our one-hundredth anniversary as an ensemble, our members' vision is for an endowment totaling one million dollars that will allow for opportunities such as...

“being a nationally and internationally recognized women’s choir” -Rose Hanson ‘15

“following our passion - singing" -Autumn Watt, '19

“working with major orchestras” -Jenn Lambert, ‘16

“moving forward without money holding us back” -Krista Galie, ‘15

“providing each and every member with opportunities for empowerment through real projects" -Amy Penick, '17

“inviting our alumni on tour” -Kelly Wallace, ‘15

"travel to new places, perform for other communities, and inspire young people" -Brigid Lucey, '18


Join us today in giving a gift to our Endowment and be a part of Cornell University Chorus history.