Melissa Gao

MAJOR: ILR - Industrial and Labor Relations
HOMETOWN: Syracuse, NY

Melissa was the classic music nerd/theater geek in high school and is still missing being a Chorus newb. Since her debut as a toucan in 3rd grade, she was been involved in chorus, show choir, All-County, etc. throughout middle school and high school. She is continuing her involvement in music at Cornell through Chorus and Hearsay A Cappella. Additionally, she is involved in CSA, ECaFT and Cornell social media ambassadors. Outside of singing, she enjoys bad dancing, occasional acting, reading fiction, baking, writing poems, trying to remember how to play piano, and discovering new music. She can often be found munching on some kind of dessert, (procrastinating via) watching too much YouTube, laughing at the Cornell meme page, or listening to old Taylor Swift/Michael Búble/BTS.