Nereida Ramirez

MAJOR: A&S - physics
HOMETOWN: Sierra Vista, AZ

While I am a pre med, I chose to pursue a major in physics because it is challenging, I genuinely enjoy studying it, and it helps me appreciate the complexity of the world we live in. Upon completing my bachelor’s degree, I plan to take a gap year and intern at a hospital to prepare myself for medical school. My dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon in order to help individuals regain their mobility and independence. 

Within the Chorus I hold the officer roles of librarian and co-historian. On campus I’m involved in physics research and undergraduate teaching assisting. I also serve the community by volunteering at Ithaca’s Sciencenter and Cayuga Medical hospital. My other hobbies include practicing martial arts (first degree in Tang Soo Do), oboe, art. 

Singing is essential to my livelihood and I’ve maintained a constant track record of choral performance since primary school. Being a member of the chorus has placed me in an environment in which I am constantly surrounded by highly talented singers, each if whom are unique in their capabilities and experiences. Through the Chorus’s nurturing I have continually grown as both a singer and a musician.