Victoria Correa.png

Victoria Correa

MAJOR: A&S - Statistical Science
HOMETOWN: Winchester, Ma

Victoria is a ZOZƎ looking to major in Statistics. Born and raised in Massachusetts, she loves Boston and has Colombian parents, therefore she can speak some Spanish. She’s excited to learn here, sing in the Chorus, do fun things in Ithaca, and meet new people. She knows this time will be a time of growth. When not in classes or rehearsal/choir events, you can catch her in the libraries, exploring Ithaca, or j chilling in the gorges. When she has her earbuds in, it’s usually Eminem, Taylor Swift, The Police, The Archies, or other random artists. Oh and Vanessa Paradis in order to help retain the French she’s learned while not taking French this semester. She may be on the highway to hell, but she’s psyched to be here at Cornell!