Chorus Council 2018 - 2019


The Cornell University Chorus is an entirely student-run organization. The council, comprised of members of the Chorus holding both elected and appointed positions, manages all aspects of the Chorus, including concert planning, alumnae correspondence, and social activities. The elected positions are the President, Vice President, and Secretary. These three positions, along with the appointed General Manager, comprise the Chorus Executive Council, which handles sensitive issues regarding members and finances. The remaining positions are appointed.

Executive Board

President  Chiara Alvisi '20

Chiara Alvisi '20

General Manager  Alina Robin '19

General Manager
Alina Robin '19

Vice President  Michelle Carfagno '19

Vice President
Michelle Carfagno '19

Secretary  Feifei Hu '21

Feifei Hu '21


Aesthetics Manager
Autumn Watt '19

Blog Manager
Euna Park '21

Campus Advocacy Chair
Hannah Soros '21

Care Chair
Marinna Chung ‘21

Centennial Officer
Brianna Cox '20

Community Outreach Coordinator
Arielle Hollies '19

Concert Manager
Sophie Arzumanov '21

Head Pianist
Stephany Kim '19

Alexis Waite '20

Anna Rodriguez '21
Maggie Lin '21

Officer at Large
Kathryn Miller '19

Projects Manager
Gauri Jain '20

Publicity Manager
Izzie Fan '21

Recording Managers
Carina Gwennap '19

Recruitment Chairs
Jenn Catalano '20
Medina Keita '20

Sales Manager
Helen Su '21

Social Chair
Melissa Gao '21

Social Media Chair
Jane Glaser '21

Tour Managers
Dana Luong '20 and Sophia Zhang '21

Marinna Chung '21