Typical Schedule

 Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall

Time Commitment

The Chorus rehearses four hours per week and performs at least three major concerts every year: the Twilight Concert, a major work with the Glee Club, and a Senior Week concert. In addition, the Chorus goes on tour annually during the Spring break. Recent concert tours include California in 2015, Mexico and Guatemala in 2016 (with the Glee Club), the Atlantic Coast in 2017, and the Gulf Coast in 2018.

Rehearsal Times

The Chorus rehearses for about four hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. Rehearsals may be increased slightly leading up to a concert.

  • Fall Rehearsal Times: Wednesday (5:15pm-7:15pm) and Sunday (7:15pm-9:15pm)
  • Spring Rehearsal Times: Wednesday and Sunday; times vary, total of 4-5 hours per week

Fall Concerts & Events

The Twilight Concert is the major fall concert for the Chorus. However, the Chorus also performs during Orientation Week and at Lessons and Carols in December.

  • Orientation Week Concert (short concert given in late August)
  • New Member Recognition Dinner (early September)
  • Group Retreat (one full weekend in mid-September)
  • Twilight Concert (late October)
  • Lessons and Carols (December)

Spring Concerts & Events

The Chorus typically gives one or two concerts with the Glee Club in the spring semester and may attend a Choral Festival as well. The Chorus goes on tour during spring break, and always gives a Return-from-Tour Concert in Ithaca during the week after the tour.

  • Major Work Retreat (3 days of 3hr rehearsals before classes start in January)
  • New Member Recognition Dinner (early February)
  • Small major Work Concert with Glee Club (only some years)
  • Choral Festival (one full weekend of travel, only some years)
  • Chorus Tour (Spring Break)
  • Return-from-Tour Concert (shortly after spring break)
  • Large Major Work Concert with Glee Club (mid-April)

Senior Week Concerts & Events

Chorus members stay at Cornell during the week between final exams and Commencement to give one last concert, sing at university events, and participate in lots of fun activities with the choirs!

  • Senior Week Rehearsals (every day for a week, 3hrs per day)
  • Senior Recognition Dinner
  • Picnic at Taughannock Park
  • Senior Week Concert (Saturday evening before Commencement)
  • Senior Convocation and Commencement
  • Reunions Concert and Cornelliana Night (optional, early June)