A Rejuvenating Retreat

Medina Keita '20

Every year the Chorus spends a weekend in Vestal New York to work on repertoire that we will perform for the year and for the two Sunday services that are held at Vestal United Methodist Church. Singing for a full day can be as draining as it sounds, but this year I was determined to sing and work in a way that was productive for both my body and my mind. I decided I was going to let myself be fully immersed in the experience of sharing our voices with people who may not be familiar with choral music and the power of its beauty.

On our first day of retreat, we were blessed with beautiful weather. When it came time for a break we all went outside and enjoyed each other’s company. Following tradition, we finished the day with a bonding activity that always makes me appreciate just how similar and different all of the Chorus women are. It makes me feel so lucky to know that I can make such beautiful music with a group of women who are all so strong and inspiring.

Our first performance on Sunday was strong, despite how early we had to be up after a late night of hard work, and our second performance only got stronger after we had settled into our groove. It always surprises me to see just how many people we can make cry during each performance; it serves as a reminder that what we do is important and valuable to so many people we don’t even know. Although I am always apprehensive to step away from the schoolwork that I know is waiting for me, I always leave retreat feeling like I have truly made a difference not only in my singing but in the lives of those it has reached.