Spring AC Meeting — the General Manager’s Perspective

Sophie Arzumanov ‘21

This past June I co-led my first AC meeting as the new General Manager. Jenn and I had been preparing for this meeting for about a month. I was so happy that we had each other’s backs, but I’ll admit there were a lot of nerves going into the weekend. From making sure the report was polished and printed in time, to ensuring that all of the important topics were covered effectively, there was a lot to think about. However, reflecting back on the weekend, I am very satisfied with how everything went, and optimistic about the future of the Chorus.

One of the key topics of discussion was our Endowment. It was great to hear ideas from new voices and to feel the momentum that we were starting to capture. Some of the ideas that I hope to bring to fruition were things like having class agents to reconnect with alums, and work with the Glee Club committee to learn their strategies from their successful campaign. We now understand that financial parity between the groups is as important as ever.

Our discussion of the Centennial preparation was linked to the Endowment, and was extremely fruitful. For instance, we decided to change the date of the Centennial celebration to Reunions Weekend 2021. Though this was a small hiccup, I am very excited that we could have this transparent discussion and agreement with the alums in order to make sure we were reaching as many people as possible during this exciting celebration of the Chorus’s history. I am very excited about alum engagement in preparation for the Centennial, and I cannot wait to see our plans come together during the next year.

Above all else, this AC meeting was personally special to me because I felt that I could really connect with alums and hear what they had to say. In planning and logistics, it’s easy to lose sight of why you are doing something. The AC meeting energized me and realigned my purpose in serving this ensemble. I cannot wait to see how Chorus members, past and present, shape our future.