My Experience in the Chorus So Far

Victoria Correa ‘23

I knew I wanted to continue singing in college, and I've listened to a couple of songs by Cornell's a cappella groups as soon as I got my acceptance letter, but I did not know there was a treble choir. When I found out, I was excited, because I sang in a treble choir my last year of high school and loved it. You can test the ability of a bunch of treble voices, and it was like being a part of one big sorority.

I signed up for auditions, and I was pleasantly surprised by how inclusive the Glorus was. Getting to know them and the other recruits was a fun way to spend some of O-week. I could not believe it when I got into the Chorus, and I was psyched for the new year. 

So far rehearsals have been fun and challenging. I like how Robert emphasizes personal growth as a musician in many other aspects besides just learning to become a better sight reader. I always got enough sleep senior year of high school, so I forgot what it was like to come into rehearsal tired af yet still having to push yourself. I'm glad I stick with it as much as I can even when I'm tired, because in the end I learn something new every rehearsal. The other ZOZƎ kids seem awesome and I'm excited to get to know them as well as everyone else in the glorous in the year to come!