Reaching Out: Chorus Performs At Bridges Nursing Home

by Meghan Burns '13, Community Outreach Coordinator

In April a group of Chorus women traveled to Bridges Nursing Home in Cornell Heights to perform a short repertoire including many of our tour pieces and Cornell songs. We were able to not only perform for the residents but talk with them about their time at Cornell. It was great to hear their stories, and they in turn asked us about what had changed throughout the decades.

The trip was arranged by the Community Outreach Committee, a new addition to the Chorus. The committee’s goal is to add an element of community service to the group and establish lasting relationships with local groups and organizations. Bridges headlined this opportunity; the activities coordinator, Beth Farr, was extraordinarily helpful and after the performance both Ms. Farr and the residents requested that we return.

It was moving to see the pride the residents, most of whom were over 70, still had for their alma mater. They sang along with every Cornell song from memory, barely glancing at the lyrics we had printed for them. They were an incredibly receptive audience; some nodded in time and watched us while others simply closed their eyes and smiled. The residents’ clear appreciation for our performance made the trip entirely worthwhile.

After we left Bridges we all agreed that it was a wonderful afternoon. I hope that as the Community Outreach Committee grows in the coming years that the Chorus will maintain a relationship with this very special place.