A Message From Our Director

Dear Friends,

It is always a privilege to work with the talented and dedicated student leadership of the Chorus.  This spring, the officers displayed considerable resolve, and as a result have won my admiration.

After a Twilight Concert which featured music about music, including David Conte’s touching tribute to Heather Walters ’81 entitled “To Music”, and a successful tour to Canada, we turned our attention to Bach’s Mass in B Minor.  The last time we did the Mass was ten years ago.  At that time we sang it with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra in Syracuse as part of their regular concert season.  That was the plan this year as well, but it was not to be.  Two weeks before the scheduled performances, the Orchestra announced that it was closing its doors. With no time to recover from the shock, the newly elected Chorus and Glee Club officers kicked into high gear and together we procured a hall, soloists, an orchestra, and performed the work to a full house in Ithaca.  The performance was excellent, and the experience of everyone rolling up their sleeves to get it done made the result all the more rewarding.

The Chorus had another disappointment this year.  Hopes and plans for an international tour fell by the wayside.  A lesser group of officers may have been defeated by such a turn of events but the student leadership decided that rather than mope, they would take the opportunity to address a lasting concern….growing their endowment. The Chorus endowment is about half that of the Glee Club’s.  It is time to even the score.  Opportunities to travel need to be equalized.  You will hear more over the coming year, but be ready….they will be asking for your help.  And watch out for these student leaders, they are not to be trifled with!

Hoping to see you on the Hill sometime soon,