Vice President's Address

Hello everyone, and happy summer! First off I’d like to thank all of you for your incredible support during the past year! The months since the fall have been filled with surprises, struggles, and amazing accomplishments like our triumphant performance of the Bach B Minor Mass, and our enriching tour to Canada! These opportunities would not be possible without all of you, and we are eternally grateful! 

As you all know, in an effort to streamline our communication and become more ecologically friendly, we have begun to use our website and email list serves as our primary means of communication with our friends and alumni. To obtain the most up to date contact information, we sent out postcards in 2010 to get email addresses for all of the alums whose email info we did not have. We’ve compared the information we received with a list of email addresses that we got from alumni affairs, and this coming summer we will be working to use this list to make sure that our alumnae listserv is as updated as possible! If you would like to change your email address in our records, you can update your contact information using our alumnae questionnaire (located on our website,, in “Alumnae Resources” under the “Members and Alumnae” tab).  In addition, you can always contact me with questions and comments at It has been a long, ongoing process but I am excited to continue to make our communication with all of you as clear and easy as possible!  

In addition to our digital communications overhaul, this year we are very excited to announce our first ever homecoming event on Saturday, September 17th, 2011! This event will be a time when our alumnae are invited to spend Saturday afternoon getting to know current members of the chorus. We will mingle over decades’ worth of scrapbooks, slide shows of our most recent tour to Canada, and teach and learn some favorite songs of Chorus members past and present. Later in the afternoon alumnae will be welcome to join us as we tailgate the football game and support the Glee Club by attending their evening concert. We hope that this homecoming event will enhance our sense of camaraderie and tradition in the years to come, so make sure to save the date and be on the lookout for forthcoming details!

I wish you all a wonderful summer, and look forward to continuing to hear from you!

April Miller