A Thank You to our Tour Manager

Anita Jegarl '18


Behind the scenes of every great Chorus tour is the Chorus Tour Manager. Tour Manager is the kind of behind-the-scenes job in which if everything goes perfectly, their work wouldn’t be noticed at all. This is the case of Kathryn Miller ’19, our Gulf Coast Tour Manager. As a senior applying for jobs, I was looking for coffee shops in which to write cover letters and polish my resume and ended up tagging along with Kathryn a lot. At almost every stop with free time in the middle of the day, Kathryn was in a cafe, either typing away on her phone or calling venues/homestays/caterers. Even during our beach day in Sarasota, Kathryn found a cafe to work in for a little while.

Without a witness, Kathryn’s extra work would have gone unnoticed. I’m glad I could be there to see the hard work she put in. Thank you, Kathryn! Thank you for your dedication to the Chorus which allowed for a great tour with great venues. Thank you for  planning in great free times into the schedule in consideration of our mental health and group morale. Thank you for your sacrifices, both physical and mental, which allowed for a smooth tour.

I hope you get some well-deserved rest!