Centennial Endowment Drive Launches!

Over our Northeast Tour, the Chorus launched the Centennial Endowment Drive, with the goal of raising our endowment to $1 million by our 100th anniversary in 2021. The Chorus is at a point of musical and organizational excellence thanks to the hard work and dedication of our alumnae over many years. With an increased endowment, we would be able to represent the Chorus and Cornell with competition, service, and international tours. These experiences are highly cherished by many of our alumnae, but the Chorus often cannot provide these memories to all generations of Chorus women. Since our endowment gives us an annual payout, increasing our endowment ensures a permanent source of income for us that will allow the Chorus to be self-sustaining. For this reason, our Endowment Drive is a source of pride and also vital for the future of the Chorus. Thank you to the many alumnae who have already pledged their support.