GM Report

This semester was quite a whirlwind of activity! With two major concerts and collaborations, a successful Northeast tour, our Endowment Drive kickoff, and a new director on the way, the Chorus has been extremely busy (and excited)!

As always, your support has helped us greatly in our operations and future for the Endowment Drive. To help kick off the drive, we've been looking to encourage Reunions classes to donate to the Chorus, which counts as a donation to the University. In addition, we've released a new Endowment Mug for $15, for which all proceeds go to the endowment. The drive will be a significant undertaking, but we are well prepared. With your help and some tight budgeting, I am confident that we can create a future of endless opportunities for the women of the Chorus.

This year has been a time of great transition. During Senior Week we held a small picnic in the Plantations for John, where we all enjoyed some pasta, sports, and all-around good fun. To celebrate our beloved John Rowehl and the exciting arrival of Robert Isaacs, we've been planning events during Reunions to say goodbye and hello to our wonderful directors. If you will be in Ithaca for Reunions, please come by our receptions to greet them.

As always, we are extremely thankful for the support of our alumnae. The Chorus could not be what it is today without you, and the Chorus cannot reach its goals without your consistent support. Thank you.


Olivia Gustafson