Lift The Chorus (Endowment Update)

After a phenomenal weekend at Homecoming and an exciting Advisory Council meeting, our plans for the Endowment are solidifying thanks to a network of engaged alumni and mentors.

Long term goal-setting is going to be key in reaching our goal of one million dollars by the Chorus’ centennial year, in 2021. With our Chorus History Book and the assistance of committed alums, we are compiling a database of alumni contact information to fortify our fundraising strategies as we near our centennial. Furthermore, by working with the office of Alumni Affairs at Cornell we will have the ability to expand our reach beyond our own alumnae to the greater Cornell community.

Since 1921, Chorus women have worked tirelessly to overcome the obstacles faced by all-female organizations. The efforts of our predecessors have been instrumental in bringing the Chorus to its current prestige, and for that we are incredibly grateful. With hard work and dedication we can create even more opportunity for future Chorus women as our alumnae have done for us.

- Caitlin Gleason '18 and Amelia Pacht '18