Message for Chorus Alumane

June 3rd, 2016

Hello Chorus alumnae,

I am very excited to update you on the projects and gatherings the Chorus has planned for the future.

The first of these prominent events is Reunions! Coming up June 9th to 12th, Reunions is a wonderful way for alumni and current Chorus women to connect or reconnect, bridging together the past and present. The History Tea on June 11th is a perfect time to discuss everyone’s experiences in the Chorus, and to celebrate the rich history of this ensemble. Make sure to RSVP online to let us know if you can attend the rehearsals and many events we have planned for this year’s Reunions Weekend!

Another initiative is to build upon the database which connects current Chorus members with alumnae based on their career interests. We envision the Chorus to be not just a musical organization, but also a support network for all women in the group. As alumnae, you can provide valuable insights to current Chorus women about your time at and after Cornell, and strengthen your relationship with the Chorus and Cornell. With this database, I also hope to bring past members of the Chorus back to the Hill during the year to attend Meet-and-Greets or Coffee Chats, providing more opportunities for one-on-one interactions between current Chorus members and successful Chorus alumnae! There is so much to learn and share and this year will be full of opportunities for both.

A final objective for this year is to work with our Centennial Committee Alumni Outreach Chair, Sarah Fortna ‘17, and other members of the Chorus Council to establish Cornell Chorus Clubs across the country! These Clubs will act as another way to foster relationships between members and alumnae. We are planning on initiating pop-up events as early as this summer in the hopes of forming this new Chorus tradition. Look out for a Chorus Club event near you!

I am so delighted to work on these projects, and I encourage you all to reach out to me at if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I truly look forward to getting to know this fantastic alumnae network.


Adja Toure '18

Vice President