Endowment Update

Endowment Chair Emma Keteltas '17 sporting her Endowment mug at the History Tea.

Our Centennial Endowment Drive is still under way!  We have made great progress with donations from generous alumnae and we continue to sell our Endowment Mugs. 

In order to reach our goal of $1 million by 2021, Sara Birmingham and I have begun to look past the support of our generous alums in order to find major gifts for the endowment.  With the help of our Grants Manager, Rose Hanson, we have begun to look for possible grants from women’s organizations within the university.  Sara and I have also begun to work with Robert to forge connections within the College of Arts and Sciences in order to make our Endowment Drive a more prominent issue. 

We hope that our upcoming California Tour and the Sesquicentennial activities will help us to raise awareness for the Endowment Drive with both Chorus alumnae and alumni of Cornell who may be interested in supporting choral music.  With Cornell’s first woman president on the way, we hope that the Chorus will be recognized more fully as a serious representative of the university.  We need an endowment to match our seriousness as an ensemble, and we will continue to work hard to achieve this goal with your support!

We need your help to reach our goal of permanent financial sustainability.To support the Endowment, and future generations of Chorus women, please consider giving here.