Vice President Address

Hello Chorus family, friends, and alumnae,

I’m Kelly Wallace, the Chorus’ Vice President, and already I and the other officers are hard at work to make this year a fantastic one not just for the students but for our wonderful alumnae too! We all truly appreciate how much enthusiasm and participation our alumnae show to the Chorus and to each other, and are glad to be a part of it. I’ll talk briefly about some of the ways we’ll be working with our alumnae in the upcoming year.

 The Chorus will be hosting a tailgate during Homecoming this year on Saturday, October 18th, and we would love if you joined us! We’ll have food, a chance to hear about the Chorus from current members, Twilight raffle tickets, and of course some singing. Another exciting project this month will be the kickoff for the Young Alumni Mentorship Program, YAMP. The program will soon match up new members with an alumnus at least four years out of Cornell, and offer them a chance to get in touch, share Chorus memories, and give/receive advice about Chorus/Cornell/anything the mentor would like to share! 

It’s always great to hear from Alumni, so don’t hesitate to email me at with any questions! As you can see from the other articles in this newsletter, we have so many great concerts and events this upcoming year, from California Tour, to the Sesquicentennial celebrations here in Ithaca, to a performance in Carnegie Hall. If you’d like to hear more about these exciting events, or just hear how life on the Hill has been for the Chorus recently let me know!

With Chorus love,

Kelly Wallace '15