Senior Perspective

Cornell students are always running. With the insanely hectic schedule of Cornell, and the seemingly never-ending lists of papers and upcoming prelims, undergrads are often spread pretty thin. I know we’ve all had the experience of eating meals on the go, or staying up way too late for way too many nights in a row. At times, it can definitely be overwhelming.

I found Chorus second semester sophomore year, close the middle of my Cornell experience. I am so thankful that I did. Chorus provides the perfect escape from the high-pressure atmosphere of the school. It’s a two-hour stretch of time when, twice a week, you can stop running and get to actually breathe. (Well, you’d better breathe or you’ll have a world of trouble getting through that sustained high note.) The most beautiful thing about Chorus is when you’re there, you’re truly there. You’re in the moment, listening and being humbled by the striking voices of your peers, and contributing your own sound to the mix. You work together to become this really cool collective, combining as individuals to tell this one congregate musical story. It’s a truly special span of time where you get to share your crazy love of music with a group of people who are all crazy about the same exact thing.

I have had some incredible experiences, and met some incredible people through this organization. After I graduate, which I’ll be sad about—in spite of the stress I’ve really come to love this place—I’ll always carry warm, fond memories of Chorus, and Sage Chapel, Lincoln, Vespers, Twilight and singing the Evening Song on Ho Plaza. Chorus has come to shape a great deal of my undergrad experience in an incredible and wonderful way. 

Monica Burnett '15