General Manager's Address

Erin Goers '13

Serving as General Manager over this past year has been a fantastic experience that
has been both challenging and rewarding. While planning and overseeing events
like the Twilight concert, our first Homecoming event, the Southern tour, and the
Rachmaninoff Vespers, I have grown to be incredibly grateful for the generous support
that we receive from our friends, family and Alumnae. Your support makes all of these
things possible, and we are so grateful.

In the last year we have been able to work on big projects in addition to our normal
activities thanks to your support. We have been working on a new CD, consisting
largely of commissions from the “No Whining, No Flowers” project, that will likely
be released at Reunions this year. In addition, our tour this year, to the Southern
states including Texas, Oklahoma and New Orleans, was a fantastic experience that
required flying the Chorus to the South. We would not have been able to have these
experiences, or participate in these projects without your support.

Looking forward, the Chorus is continuing to focus on raising funds for its endowment.
We look forward to the time when the income from our endowment can sustain our
operations, allowing us to focus more on larger projects and creating excellent musical
experiences for all of our members.

As the Chorus undergoes a transition year, we will work to maintain the level of musical
excellence and strength of student leadership that Professor Tucker has developed
throughout his time at Cornell. All of his work, in addition to your incredible support, has
made the Cornell University Chorus what it is today: offering incredible experiences,
both musical and in community, to all of its members. Thank you so much for your
phenomenal support!

Erin Goers