Treble Choir Conference

This weekend marks the very first Cornell Collegiate Treble Choral Conference, a project that has been in the works for over a year and is the culmination of the efforts of an incredible Conference Team. Upon hearing about the opportunity to get involved in the conference this past September, I was blown away by the amazing amount of organization and thought the Conference Team had already put into the event. Seeing the passion my fellow Chorus members had for this conference showed me how much of an impact such an event can have, and quickly transformed me from a Jaded Last-Semester Senior™ into the newly appointed Conference Manager.

The team, in its various forms, has been working since March of 2015 to organize an entire weekend that includes an address from keynote speaker Maggie Wheeler, numerous workshops for both Cornell and visiting students, two concerts featuring groups representing treble choirs from six different academic institutions, and everything in between. On Friday evening in Statler Auditorium, Maggie Wheeler, best known for her role of Janice on Friends, will be speaking about her experiences with choral music. This keynote address will be followed by a concert in Sage Chapel featuring the Mount Holyoke College Glee Club and the NYU Steinhardt Women’s Choir and the a cappella subsets of the Radcliffe Choral Society and Cornell Chorus- the ‘Cliffe Notes and After Eight. On Saturday afternoon, students attending the conference will be participating in various workshops focusing on topics such as leadership, musicianship, and empowerment. Saturday night’s events include another concert in Bailey Hall, this time featuring the Radcliffe Choral Society, the Smith College Chamber Singers, and the Cornell University Chorus. This concert will conclude with a piece sung by all singers participating in the concert, including representatives from the Cornell Chorale and the William & Mary Women’s Chorus.

I am so incredibly proud of everything the Conference Team has accomplished, and I invite each and every one of you to Ithaca for the weekend of March 3rd-5th to attend this one-of-a-kind event. The keynote address will be open to the public, as will the concerts on Friday, March 3rd at 8:00PM in Sage Chapel and Saturday, March 4th at 8:00PM in Bailey Hall.

Special thanks to everyone on the Conference Team who have made this all possible:

Marissa Grill ‘17
Arielle Hollies ‘19
Stephany Kim ‘19
Megan Larkin ‘17
Christina Lee ‘18
Samantha Reig ‘17
Autumn Watt ‘19

If you would like to know more about the conference, or are an alumna of the Chorus and would like to be involved, feel free to reach out to me at!


Stef Wu ‘17
Conference Manager